Lubricants Handling

At Vertex we stock a variety of lubricants handling equipment to suit a large range of applications. All the equipment we stock has been tried and proven over time in a wide variety of applications to ensure we supply only the best equipment available. Vertex is a Macnaught dealer, so please feel free to contact us for all your needs

Our range includes equipment like; grease guns, grease pumps, oil pumps, diesel pumps and diesel tanks just to name a few. Please don't hesitate to contact us and we can match up the correct equipment for your needs.

Tom Thumb STM 25L pump Polymaster diesel ute tankFaicom Grease trolly 180kg Oil Drainer


20Kg Faicom Grease pump
A Premium quality Italian grease pump makes maintaining your machine easier, including a 4 metre hose and gun with a flexi-nozzle.
AdBlue® 205L Rotary Drum Pump
Poly 205L Rotary drum pump suitable for AdBlue®.
AdBlue® 240v pump Basic Kit
Bluemaster Basic Kit
> Manual nozzle
> 35Lpm Diaphragm Pump
> 12/240V Pump Options
> Quick Mount Stainless steel bracket
> Quality Italian Made
> Top Suction Assembly
> Optional Bottom suction kit
AdBlue® 240v pump Pro-Kit
Bluemaster Pro-Kit
> Automatic Shut off nozzle
> 35Lpm Diaphragm Pump
> 12/240V Pump Options
> Quick Mount Stainless steel bracket
> Quality Italian Made
> Top Suction Assembly
> Optional Bottom suction kit
AdBlue® cover UV protector for IBC
Heavy duty canvas cover suits any 1000L IBC. This cover is designed to fit comfortably over an AdBlue IBC to protect it against UV rays. This lets you store your IBC out in the weather, saving precious space in your workshop. Made from thick heavy duty canvas, these covers have a long lifespan and can also be used as a dust or weather protector for oil or chemicals.

> Handmade in Australia
> Heavy Duty Canvas
> Protects AdBlue from UV Rays
> Tight and Comfortable Fit

Price: $418.00 inc. gst
AdBlue® IBC Gravity Kit
IBC Gravity Dispensing Kit - PUISI
Includes fitting to suit bottom outlet on IBC, short length of hose and trigger gun.
Bunding 1000L 1100L IBC
Bunding is a safety requirement for storage of oils and chemicals. Current Legislation requires that the container is 25% of the total stored, or 110% of the largest container; whichever is most.

-Does not rust or corrode
-Engineered to withstand knocks and scuffs of an industrial environment.
-Complies with current EPA requirements
Bunding Oil & Chemical
Does not rust or corrode
Engineered to withstand knocks and scuffs of an industrial environment
Complies with current EPA requirements.
Current Legislation requires that the container is 25% of the total stored, or 110% of the largest container; whichever is most.
Diesel bulk storage tank 10,000L
This tank can save you thousands of dollars in fuel, by allowing you to buy in bulk diesel. It also adds the practicality of fueling up before you leave, so you don't spend precious time waiting at the servo.
This bulk diesel tanks are available

-Fully self bunded
-Lockable dispensing cabinet
-Environmentally friendly
-High flow industrial fuel filter
-12 & 240v dispensing options
-High security user access control options
-Prevents fuel contamination in handling and storage.
Drum Lifter 200L & 205L
-1 Tonne working load limit.
-Save time, effort and therefore money
-Lift & lower drums on their side
-Single person operation
-Self centering
-Use with almost any lifting device
-Robust, reliable
-Made in Australia
-Tested be Testsafe Australia - A division of workcover
Grease Nipple kits
Invest in a 100 piece metric grease nipple kit, to avoid the inconvenience of running out. Kit includes metric and imperial thread, and straight, 90˚ and 45˚ grease nipples.
Macnaught K29 Grease Flexi Gun
Macnaught K29 flexigun is a classic grease gun that incorporates a unique variable stroke piston and valve arrangement for true ‘one handed’ operation and can produce increased pressure through short strokes or high volume shot using a full stroke. Pistol-grip design to suit 450g grease cartridges, bulk filling or J3 grease transfer pump loading. The push in handle is easy to use and requires much less effort to operate. Increased pressure can be produced by short strokes (low volume) or high volume using a long stroke (low pressure). Heavy duty pistol grip construction with comfortable ergonomics to suit 450g grease cartridges, bulk filling or Macnaught J3 grease transfer pump loading. The K29 is fully repairable with a strong die cast head and heavy gauge steel barrel for extra long service life.
Macnaught K45 Grease Lever Gun
The Macnaught K45 levergun is designed for use in underground mines. the K45 is a lever-action grease gun designed for high pressure/high volume greasing and can easily clear blocked or damaged grease nipples. Suits 450g grease cartridges, bulk filling or Macnaught J3 transfer pump loading.The K45 LEVERGUN® features a durable die cast zinc head, a heavy gauge steel barrel and a heavy duty follower assembly to handle a wide range of grease viscosities up to NLGI No 2. Comes complete with 150mm (6") rigid high pressure extension and KY SUPERGRIP™ coupler. Suits 450g grease cartridges, bulk filling or Macnaught J3 transfer pump loading.
Macnaught Powergun 18v Li-ion Grease gun
The all new Macnaught powergun is a high performance battery grease gun built to endure the rough envronment of an industrial work site; while bearing the latest Li-ion technology.

>Advanced technology and ergonomic design for easy handling
>Continuous flow with an output of 150g/min
>Pressure to 8500 PSI
>Motor overload protection
>18v Li-ion battery that only takes an hour to charge
>450g grease cartridges
>Designed and built under stringent Macnaught quality control protocols
>2 year service warranty (excluding battery)
>Volume pressure switch
>Stable free-stand capability

>2x Li-ion Batteries
>1 hour fast charger
>1m grease extension
>KY supergrip grease coupler
>Shoulder strap
>Heavy duty Carry case

The POWERGUN™ is the latest product in a long line of high quality, award winning lubrication equipment designed and produced by Macnaught offering the operator high performance, reliability and peace of mind when greasing. It is the perfect solution for almost any continuous flow, high pressure greasing application.
Supplied in a plastic carry case complete with two high-performance lithium-ion batteries, a
1-hour fast charger, Macnaught's classic KY SUPERGRIP™ grease coupler for a leak-free high pressure grease connection and a one meter long flexible grease extension for improved accessibility when greasing hard to reach fittings.

The built-in pressure switch allows the user to deliver up to 150g of grease per minute on the high-volume setting to quickly repack grease fittings, or grease at up to 8,500psi on the high-pressure setting to clear blocked grease fittings.

The POWERGUN™ is capable of dispensing up to 3 cartridges of grease from a single charge, which is extended to up to 6 cartridges with the use of the bonus battery.

The POWERGUN™ is a robust, reliable, battery-operated grease gun complete with a 2 year warranty, designed to withstand the most demanding conditions and environments.
Meclube 205L Oil pump
Italian-made 3:1 Heavy Duty air operated oil pump with 4m heavy duty hose and Meclube trigger gun. Capable of pumping up to 30L/min. This pump makes servicing from a 205L drum easy.
Rotary Drum pump Alemlube 205L
The 501A rotary drum pump is suitable for the transfer of oil, diesel and petrol from 60 and 205 litre drums and bulk
tanks. The Gladiator 501A rotary drum pumps vanes make it also suitable for the transfer of diesel fuel, unleaded and
leaded petrol. The Gladiator 501A comes complete with 2.2 metres of anti static fuel hose, spout, spout holster and 2”
BSP bung adaptor & delivers approximately 18 litres per minute or 0.26 litres per rotation when pumping diesel fuel.
Vertex Rags - Workshop Mix 10Kg
Vertex Rags "Workshop Mix" includes a high quality mixture of coloured T-Shirt material for all workshop uses. It has great absorbent properties.

Large range of application specific rags available, call us today.
Z-Sorb spill absorbant
Soak up your oil spills with our Z-Sorb spill absorbent. Z-Sorb is an all natural product, with excellent absorbent qualities, and meets and exceeds EPA requirements.
-Suitable in windy conditions
-Quick and easy clean up
-Leaves minimal residue
-Inert, natural spill absorbent
-Environmentally freindly