"Since we changed to Morris Ring Free VS Plus, the trucks run smoother and perform better than the previous oil. It's an improvement in performance of the engine and a reduction in noise that the drivers have noticed when the change in lubricant occured."

Sarge Davis - Sarges's Bulk Haulage, Wodonga VIC.


"Reduced measurable bar wear by 40% and total oil usage by 50%. We are astounded with the performance of the Morris Lubricants Chain & Bar Oil."

Blu-Chip Harvest, Albany WA.


"3% Increased Fuel Economy averaged over long term charter on Esperance-Hopetoun route using Morris Ring Free VS Plus."

Redlion Bus & Coach, Esperance Albany WA.


 "Zero pressure loss from cold to working tempertures and a noticeable 5% reduction in the overall temperture. Morris Lubricants HV46 Hydraulic Fluid solved the problem of lagging track and hydraulic power and oil overheating, eliminating downtime in oil related failures."

Dale Mitchel - Alpine Logging, Milawa VIC