Truck Care

At Vertex Maintenance Products we are serious about Truck  care and maintenance thats why we now stock the range of high quality, Danish made range of Vikan truck wash brooms, brushes and telescopic handles.

Vikan's hands-on approach has earned them an unparalleled reputation for providing cleaning solutions to real-life challenges in the transport sector. They strive to continuously improve and implement best practices, to impart knowledge, and to provide all the tools required to maintain your fleet and your reputation.

Vikan Brush - Washing Windscreen Broomhead 270mm


Blue Sapphire Polish
BLUE SAPPHIRE is also a metal polish, and imparts the same brilliant shine as Liquid Reflection, however it is designed for detailed and intricate surfaces such a motorbike chrome or antiques. After polishing Blue Sapphire dries to a fine powder that is easily brushed or vacuumed off, leaving no residue to adhere to the surface.

Blue sapphire is recommended for Chrome trim over Liquid Reflection as the abrasive is a little finer.

Liquid Reflection Aluminum Polish
LIQUID REFLECTION metal polish contains soft, fine alumina to gently polish and restore metal surfaces such as:

- Brass
- Stainless Steel
- Chrome
- Aluminium & Aluminium Alloys

Liquid Reflection is ideal for polishing jobs to be done by hand, and imparts an unbeatable shine. Ideal for jobs such as polishing:

- Stainless & brass boat fittings
- Bullbars, rims and alloy fuel tanks
- Household brass and Stainless cutlery
- Restoring scratched and dull kitchen sinks

It is water washable for easy cleanup and can of course be also used with a motorised buffing machine.

Truck Wash Brush/ Broom Handle (Non-Waterfed) 1500mm
The ergonomic handle is manufactured in aluminium with a sturdy shockproof and grip-friendly plastic for comfortable and functional use. Fixed length 1500mm.
Truck Wash Brush/ Broom Handle Telescopic (Non-Waterfed)
The ergonomic handle is manufactured in aluminium with shockproof and grip-friendly plastic for functional and comfortable use. The telescopic feature ensures that the handle is always the right length for the user.
Truck Wash Brush/ Broomhead
The angled design of this wash brush enables the brush to be in constant contact with surfaces during washing, used with a selection of Vikan telescopic handles. This brush also features rubber protection on the ends to protect your paintwork.
Truck Wash Brush/ Rim Brush
Large, water-fed, wheel rim brush, provides safe & effective cleaning of double and single wheels on trucks, buses and coaches.
Truck Wash Brush/ Wide Broomhead
Safe & Effective large vehicle wash brush which can be used as a water-fed brush or a dip brush with a selection of Vikan telescopic handles.

At 370mm wide this brush is ideal for large flat areas such as tipper bodies and curtain sides.
Trucking Gold Truck Wash
You've been asking for it, now we've got it!! TRUCKING GOLD! Trucking Gold is a detergent that has been specifically designed to clean heavy carriers, trucks, buses etc. It will remove all the road grime and insects that adhere to these vehicles it also has wax to help maintain the paintwork on the cabins of heavy vehicles etc. Call us today to order your Trucking Gold!
Tyre Shine
Tyre shine is a silicone based product, giving you a shiny black finish on tyres and black plastic trims. Tyre gloss makes a massive difference to the look of your vehicle in just a couple of minutes! Simply spray it on to your tyre sidewalls and any black plastic trims, mudflaps, etc. to achieve a new 'wet' look. Makes your vehicle look like new in just a couple of minutes. Available in anything from 750ml to 200L, Our tyre shine will suit your needs!
Vertex Rags - Workshop Mix 10Kg
Vertex Rags "Workshop Mix" includes a high quality mixture of coloured T-Shirt material for all workshop uses. It has great absorbent properties.

Large range of application specific rags available, call us today.