Texxon Engine Oil

Texxon Globaleng 300 15W/40 CI-4 Engine Oil
Texxon Globaleng 15W/40 is a premium engine oil formulated from high quality base oils and the latest approved additives required to meet the stringent requirements of the ne CI-4 classification. It provides high levels of soot control, resistance to wear, protection against oil oxidation and resistance to oil thinking. Globalmax 300 is suitable for use in the latest model diesel engines including those using Exhaust Gas Recirculation system as well as a wide range of European and Japanese 4 cycle diesel engines.

API CI-4/SL, ACEA E5-02/E3, JASO DH-1, Allison C4, Cummins 20078/20077,20076,20072,20071, Global DHD-1, Mack EO-N, Man M3275, Volvo VDS-3 /VDS-2, Caterpillar ECF-1, MB228.3
Texxon Globaleng 600 15W/40 Engine oil CJ-4
Texxon Globaleng 600 LSAPS meets all requirements of high speed, four stroke diesel engines designed to meet the latest exhaust emission standards. It provides exceptional control of soot, protection of stressed piston rings and cylinder liners and complete protection of valve train systems.
This oil is suitable for all diesel engines equipped with after treatment devices such as diesel oxidation catalysts, particulate filters, exhaust gas recirculation and similar technologies.

API CJ-4/SM Deutz DQC 111-05 MACK EO-O PREMIUM PLUS CAT ECF-3 CES 20081 Detroit Diesel PGOS 93K218 CAT ECF-1 Volvo VDS-4 API CI-4 PLUS/ CI-4/ CH-4 ACEA E7 MB 228.3 MTU Type II
Texxon Multimax 10W/30 Engine Oil
Texxon Multimax SS 10W-30 is a synthetically fortified engine oil formulated for all modern vehicles requiring a low viscosity, fuel efficient oil, meeting the ILSAC GF-3 requirements.
Texxon Tractrans STOU oil 20W/40
A super tractor oil universal (STOU) designed for use on the farm in engines, transmissions, (including those fitted with wet brakes), power take-offs and hydraulic systems.
Super Tractor Oil Universal is a multi-functional SAE 20W/40 specifically formulated for use in engines, manual gearboxes, tractor wet-brake systems and integral hydraulic systems, construction equipment, conventional diffs, power take-off units and transmissions
Super Tractor Oil is suitable for most tractors with either turbo charged or naturally aspirated engines; due to its formulation it is ideal for use in high temperature conditions. Its multi-purpose use allows for the rationalization of engine oils.

•API: CE, CD, CF-4/SE, SF, GL-4, GL-5 (low speed/high torque)
•SAE Viscosity: 15W-40
•Mercedes Benz: MB 227.1, MB228.1, MB228.3
•John Deere: JDM J27, J20A, J20C
•Ford: M2C-159B, M2C 86A, 134C
•Massey Ferguson: M1139, M1144, M1145
•Case-IH: MS 1207
•Allison: C-4
•MAN: 271
•Caterpillar: TO-2
•ZF: TE-ML 06A-D, 07B
•CCMC: D2, D4