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Texxon Powertrans 10W TO-4

20L & 205L
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Texxon Powertrans TO4 fluid combines superior additive technology with high quality base stocks. It is formulated to meet Caterpillar equipment specifying TO-4, as well as Allison C4 and Komatsu Micro- Clutch specifications. Today’s Powershift transmissions are made with high-tech materials that improve power transfer efficiency and are designed to be used with a fluid offering maximum transmission performance. Texxon Powertrans TO4 provides superior gear wear protection and has excellent thermal stability.
Texxon Powertrans TO4 is recommended for the lubrication of heavy duty equipment in both on and off highway service that require such stringent specs. For use in Caterpillar powershift transmissions, final drives, hydrostatic transmissions, torque converters, hydraulics and any system specifying TO-4 qualified oils, as well as all transmissions and drive trains recommending Allison C-4 fluids
is also recommended for use in late model Komatsu Hydraulics
Cat T0-4