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Kranzle K2160TST-10A 240v cold water pressure cleaner

Kranzle K2160TST 10A 240v cold water pressure cleaner
A robust cold water high pressure cleaner with integrated storage for
accessories, and integrated hose reel with 15M HP hose. Features Total-Stop
automatic switch off function, brass pump head and stainless steel valves
for maximum pump life. Includes Fan-Jet Lance and Dirtkiller Turbo Nozzle.
Ideal for use where a commercial/industrial machine is required, but
still able to run off a 10 amp power supply.

Operating pressure: 435-1740 psi (30-120 bar)
Flow rate: 11 Ltr/min
Power rating 240v, 10A, 50Hz
Standard accessories: 15m High pressure hose reel, Trigger gun, Stainless Steel lance, Fan-jet nozzle, Dirtkiller Nozzle.
Dimensions (L x W x H): 900 x 375 x 360
Weight: 39.5Kg