Paints & Markers

Dy-Mark Ballmarker 8mm Tip
Dy-Mark Ballmarker 8mm Tip
Dy-Mark Ballmarker Bottle
Industrial Refillable Ballmarker

◾Permanent and lightfast marks on surfaces including steel, timber and rubber
◾Features a unique spring-loaded ball valve writing head
◾Ink feed controlled by a flexible "squeeze flow" plastic bottle
◾Hardened tips ensure economical ink usage
◾Bottle (supplied empty) and tip sold separately
◾Use with Dy-Mark’s T400 or PB80 Ballmarker Refill Ink
Dy-Mark Markal Paintstik Range
Markal Paintstik Range

-Long-lasting, weather and fade resistant
-Markal Paintstik K is ideal for marking on iron and steel castings, ingots,forgings, blooms, billets and high-temperature metal alloys
-Markal Paintstik H and H-T is ideal for marking hot coils, billets, slabs, bars and ingots
-Markal Paintstik B is ideal for layout, colour coding, fabrication and identification
-Markal Paintstik B-L is designed for fabricating structural steel or layout work where the marks are required to bleed through a primer coat covering the marks
-Markal Paintstik P is designed for marking steel prior to the galvanising process
-Markal Paintstik M is ideal for marking hot coils, billets, slabs, bars, ingots
Dy-mark Spray & Mark
12 pk of Dymark spray and mark paint, in 350g aerosols. Dymark is the highest quality spray & mark formula available.
-Toluene-free formula
-High opacity, high quality, true colour pigment loading.
-Applications include construction, landscaping, civil works and surveying.
-Unique Spray pattern specifically designed for spot marking as well as "writing" appllications.

Four colours available:
-Fluro Pink - 40013529
-Yellow - 40013505
-White - 40013511
-Blue - 40013503
Dy-Mark T400 Refill Ink
Opaque, waterproof and lightfast inks
Extremely durable in all environmental conditions
T400 Ink will mark on any surface, penetrating grease, oil and rust
PB80 Ink is specially formulated to be removable by the pickling process (ensuring no bleed through during the galvanising process)
Full Dy-mark colour range available