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Tractor Transmission Oil - Morris Liquimatic HY

Tractor Transmission Oil   Morris Liquimatic HY
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Liquimatic HY is a hydraulic/transmission fluid formulated with high quality mineral oils and specialised additives for use in agricultural and plant equipment, where the Case MS1207/1209 specifications are called for. This product is designed to protect transmission components, reduce brake chatter, clutch slippage and minimise final drive wear. Liquimatic HY can be used in hydraulic systems where it provides outstanding pump protection and where its high level of water tolerance reduces the likelihood of filter blocking. The additive system also gives this oil superior resistance to oxidation, rust and corrosion, together with improved anti-foam performance.

Liquimatic HY is recommended for use in a variety of applications where an oil of this quality is specified. Applications include: powershift transmissions, mechanical transmissions, transaxle/hydraulic systems, hydrostatic drives, torque converters, final drives, reduction hubs, power steering, PTO boxes, brake/clutch systems, hydraulic units, etc.

Performance Levels
Massey Ferguson MF 1127B
Case-IH MS 1207 / 1209 (and earlier specifications) *
* suitable for use in equipment requiring this quality of lubricant.