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Texxon XHD Red Grease EP2

XHD red
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TEXXON XHD RED is an extremely high quality product with excellent lubrication characteristics for the range of anti-friction and plain bearings, gears and couplings in automotive, marine, agricultural and industrial applications requiring a grease with a high base oil viscosity and weld load. It is based on a lithium complex thickener, high quality paraffinic and polybutene (synthetic) base stocks combined with the inclusion of extreme pressure additives, effective rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors.
It has a base oil viscosity of 1900 cSt @ 40 oC and a Weld Load of 480kg/f.

MULTI-PURPOSE GREASE for High and Low temperature applications. It protects against wear on all moving parts from shock loadings to unusually high load services. It prevents scuffing and further assists in wear prevention because TEXXON XHD RED has excellent shear stability as well as the high load extreme pressure characteristics.

TEXXON XHD RED resists "SQUEEZE OUT" from surfaces requiring lubrication under load conditions. It has been specially formulated to include a shear stable tackiness agent which unlike other conventional lithium complex greases have this extra tenacity for STAYPUT lubrication because of this added adhesive characteristic.

HIGH SHEAR STABILITY ensures long service life particularly in sealed anti-friction bearings. The excellent resistance to mechanical shear combined with high film strength maintains grease consistency for extended lubrication service.

OXIDATION INHIBITED assures long service life. RUST and CORROSION INHIBITED promotes effective lubrication under difficult environments that may be corrosive or rust prone service situations. These inhibitors protect all metal components under these adverse conditions.

The recommended temperature range is from -20 oC to 185 oC, however it may be used intermittently up to 200 oC.

TEXXON XHD RED is the ideal recommendation for use in extreme heavy-duty applications and where high thermal resistance is a must. These applications include disk brake wheel bearings, universal joints, splines, kingpins, bucket pins, ball joints, chain and sprocket sets, anti-friction bearings up to 3000 rpm and many other industrial applications