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Texxon Super Red Lithtac EP2 Grease

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SUPER RED LITHTAC EP 2 is a premium quality grease blended with a selected high viscosity mineral oil, lithium hydroxystearate soap thickener, special lead free EP additive, rust and oxidation inhibitors and a shear stable tackiness agent. It is also dyed red for easy identification.


It protects all moving parts from shock loading; it prevents scuffing and reduces wear with the excellent shear stability not found in conventional EP greases.

Formulated to guarantee an excellent level of resistance to water washout to ensure lubrication is maintained under wet and muddy conditions.

The presence of a shear stable tackiness agent ensures that the grease stays in place and resists leakage, even in the most severe and shock load conditions.

The rust and corrosion inhibitors protect all metal surfaces under difficult environmemts that may be corrosive or rust prone service situations.

Premium high viscosity base oil components have an excellent oxidation resistance that provides long service life. The consistency will not change in storage.


The recommended temperature range is from -20 oC to 130 oC, however they may be used at higher temperatures with the lubrication frequency increased accordingly.


SUPER RED LITHTAC EP 2 GREASE is recommended for heavy duty transport, construction equipment, off highway construction, mining, logging and forestry, material handling equipment, general industrial greasing etc. It is not recommended for CV joints.