Our Vertex chemical range has been developed over years over working with our clients to narrow down the best chemicals for a wide range of applications.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need assistance in finding the correct chemical for your application.

AdBlue® 205L Rotary Drum Pump
Poly 205L Rotary drum pump suitable for AdBlue®.
Brake Cleaner
Brake Cleaner provides optimum cleaning with fast evaporation. Ideal for cleaning brake pads, shoes, and linings of dirt and friction material dust. Brake Cleaner also has 101 other uses, including the removal of oil, grease and other oil based products leaving no residue.
Bug Remover
Vertex Bug remover is a powerful non caustic alkaline degreaser and cleaner which powers through dirt, grease and baked on grime.
Bunding Oil & Chemical
Does not rust or corrode
Engineered to withstand knocks and scuffs of an industrial environment
Complies with current EPA requirements.
Current Legislation requires that the container is 25% of the total stored, or 110% of the largest container; whichever is most.
Degreaser Black Magic
Vertex Black Magic is a highly concentrated effective cleaner for removing stubborn oil and greasy deposits.
Degreaser Stripper Plus Heavy Duty
Vertex Stripper plus is a powerful alkaline degreaser and cleaner which powers through dirt, grease and baked on grime.
GOJO Hand cleaner foaming
GOJO EcoSoy foaming hand cleaner is an excellent everyday hand cleaner for the office or warehouse. EcoSoy foaming hand cleaner comes with a free dispenser on loan whilst using this product.
GOJO Hand Medic Skin conditioner
GOJO Hand Medic Skin conditioner is an everyday professional skin conditioner and moisturiser and comes with a free dispenser on loan whilst using this product.
GOJO Tough Hand cleaner
GOJO Cherry Gel hand cleaner is a tough, gritty hand cleaner for tough soils and greasy conditions.
Soap comes with a free 2L or 5L dispenser on loan.
Gone-Crete Concrete & Cement Remover
Vertex Gone-Crete has been specifically formulated for the removal of old and fresh concrete from concrete trucks, concrete mixers and hand tools etc. Gone-crete has built in anti-erosion properties that will prevent rusting while being used and will remove rust stains.
Hand Cleaner Grime Buster
Vertex Grime Buster is a high performance hand cleaner. Removes the toughest grime, whilst never leaving your hands dry or cracked. comes in a portable Pump bottle, making it ideal for on site use or in the workshop.
Mag Wheel & Aluminium Cleaner
Vertex aluminium cleaner removes oxidisation, cleans and brightens aluminium in one treatment. It is an excellent treatment for aluminium tipper bodies, wheels, bullbars and tanks.
Truck Wash
Vertex truck wash is a unique proven heavy duty formula making it a great wash to remove all road grime with a streak free finish, your secret to your radiant truck.
Vertex quality truck wash is made here in Australia and stocked in central gippsland for your convenience!
Truck Wash & Shine
Vertex Wash & Shine is a premium silicone based Truck Wash specially formulated to make your vehicle SHINE!! Watch the water bead off and feel the satisfaction the second time you use it as the bugs and muck just can't stay on. Call Vertex today to experience the bliss of a trouble free clean.
Trucking Gold Truck Wash
You've been asking for it, now we've got it!! TRUCKING GOLD! Trucking Gold is a detergent that has been specifically designed to clean heavy carriers, trucks, buses etc. It will remove all the road grime and insects that adhere to these vehicles it also has wax to help maintain the paintwork on the cabins of heavy vehicles etc. Call us today to order your Trucking Gold!
Tyre Shine
Tyre shine is a silicone based product, giving you a shiny black finish on tyres and black plastic trims. Tyre gloss makes a massive difference to the look of your vehicle in just a couple of minutes! Simply spray it on to your tyre sidewalls and any black plastic trims, mudflaps, etc. to achieve a new 'wet' look. Makes your vehicle look like new in just a couple of minutes. Available in anything from 750ml to 200L, Our tyre shine will suit your needs!
Vertex Rags - Workshop Mix 10Kg
Vertex Rags "Workshop Mix" includes a high quality mixture of coloured T-Shirt material for all workshop uses. It has great absorbent properties.

Large range of application specific rags available, call us today.