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Vertro protection varnish

Vertro proection varnish
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Colourless very long term protection varnish, indoor/outdoor, hygrometric insulation resistant to aggressive atmospheres, hydrocarbons, humidity, saline fog, scratches...
For protection of metallic parts, wood, plastics, documents, printed circuits...
Plasticising and tropicalisation varnish. Protects parts by insulating them against humidity. Formulated for protecting printed circuit boards, and other electronics subjected to corrosive environments, cases, windings, connections, etc.
Use also to permeate porous materials and to protect metals subjected to corrosive environments.
-Di-electrical constant 100kV. Dries quickly creating a dry and resistant film.
-Does not retain dust.
-Colour: colourless
-Working temperature: -40 to 140°C
-Resists UV rays well; does not turn yellow.
-Bonds perfectly with all metals.
-Resists mineral and synthetic oils extremely well.
-Protects against hydrocarbons.
-Demonstrates excellent coverage.
-Guaranteed silicone-free.